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Square-shaped Posti outdoor parcel point
Posti’s outdoor parcel points will be introduced in summer 2021. Picture: Posti

The main Finnish postal service, Posti, strengthens the Posti Parcel Point network and launches new kinds of outdoor lockers. Lockers are developed together with Finnish technology partners.  

Parcel points are one of the most important development targets of Posti. At the moment, Posti has 2200 parcel points with over 130 000 lockers. With the growing market of online stores, the demand for lockers has increased to 200,000 new lockers. At the moment the capacity of lockers grows by 10-15 parcel points and hundreds of lockers per week. 

Outdoor and stand-alone lockers are also suitable for areas, where there is no space for new parcel points or their extensions. New lockers do not require any external power supply, so their placement requires significantly less from their location. 

Kaltiot involved from the concept phase 

The main goal of Posti was to create an easy-to-place and independent lockers that can withstand the demanding weather conditions of Finland. 

Kaltiot has been strongly involved in the technology side of the outdoor lockers and its development. Outdoor lockers utilize the advanced wireless data transmission and connection technologies of Kaltiot’s IoT Internet systems, such as BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and LTE-M. 

Kaltiot Smart IoT and Smart Tracker have previously been utilized in Microsoft’s notification service. 

A person using Posti’s new outdoor locker.
It will be easier for customers to pick up their package. Photo: Posti

The biggest challenges were to create a low-energy, independent device and to find the technologies and materials suitable for Finnish weather conditions as well as to find the right, functioning combinations from various solutions and also meet Posti’s requirements. First outdoor lockers will be introduced during the summer of 2021 in the cities of Espoo and Oulu.

Cooperative solutions give good results 

A strong team of Finnish technology partners is involved in the development of the outdoor lockers. Effective cooperation and clear communication between the parties, even outside the weekly meetings, have been the key to finding working solutions. 

Solutions have been sought together, and not separately. The good flow of cooperation has been influenced by the clear role of each partner. Solutions have been developed utilizing the strengths of all partners. 

University of Oulu, VTT, Juha Punta Oy, Solmu Technologies, elfGROUP, Verkotan, iProtoXi and ID-Systems IDS have also been involved in the development work. 

Finnish weather brings additional challenges to the design of outdoor lockers 

Finland’s drastically varying weather conditions bring challenges to outdoor storage and technology. This has been taken into account, for example, in the solution developed by KaltioT, that enables the device to operate without an external power supply in Finnish conditions. 

The lockers have undergone several months of outdoor and cold laboratory condition tests and they are tailored to be suitable for round-the clock use in Finnish weather conditions. The technology and technical components in the solution are advanced. The required energy is obtained from the batteries, and no cabling or electric connection is required. 

A significant part of Posti’s new parcel points will be outdoor lockers. The lockers are going to be located in connection with retail partners and in public places where they reach as many customers as possible. It will be even easier for customers to pick up the package they ordered. Packages can be picked up close to home and around the clock at the most convenient time for a customer. 


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