Locate your things with an alternative for GPS tracker

What it is

Smart Tracker is an IoT application for businesses that can be used as outdoor and indoor positioning system for various asset tracking needs. The innovative solution utilises your existing infrastructure, work force mobile phones, with affordable Bluetooth BLE beacons. That is why it requires no base station installations making setup effortless.

Just stick the Smart Tracker BLE beacon to any asset – gadget, tool, visitor badge, vehicle – and locate it with Smart Tracker mobile phone tracing application. Simple and very cost efficient!

Smart Tracker cloud interface enables you to read the location data to your ERP system, too.

You can get Smart Tracker with a monthly subscription, scalable per need. Thus, no upfront investments like with traditional solutions.

But don’t take us for granted – we encourage you to pilot Smart Tracker first. It is very easy to deploy so your pilot could be up & running in an hour. Let’s validate how location data could help your business!

Why to choose


No base station installations whatsoever. Simply use personnel mobiles for tracking things.


Small Bluetooth tag (BLE beacons) easily attached to tracked assets.


Locate your assets or people on a map with a location app or browser.


Venue heatmap powered by Kaltiot Smart Tracker e.g. in Dreamforce2U London and Helsinki events. Find hosts and see busy areas on a big screen while data is streamed to IoT Cloud for people flow analysis.

When CGI hosted Ratkaisu17 seminar at Finlandia House, Helsinki, we wanted to demonstrate together with CGI and Salesforce a practical IoT use case. 

Kaltiot Smart Tracker helped visitors locate CGI hosts on a venue floorplan in real time. Read more.


Telia Company, is piloting use cases for asset tracking. Kaltiot Smart Tracker is used as a platform to deliver detailed location information.