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Optimize with a ready-to-use solution

Kaltiot Smart IoT provides bi-directional, always online, secure and battery optimized communication. It works with constrained or low end devices and sensors and in lossy wireless networks.

Develop your own IoT solution and take full advantage of our ready-to use smart connectivity and communication solution. It’s been used in millions of devices all around the world.


Smart IoT saves operating costs by reducing data transfer. It also optimizes device battery usage. Smart IoT manages millions of devices just as well as it manages one.


Smart IoT reduces your business risk because it is secure by design. Our solution is trusted by the biggest and most demanding customers.


Our solution easily scales to over tens of millions of devices with billions of transactions in an optimal manner. We are helping many global players getting the benefit of Kaltiot Smart IoT.

Why choose a ready-to-use IoT solution?

You can benefit from our ready-to-use solution as many of our current solution users have.

1. Easy start

Save time and money by taking our completed solution into use.

2. Verified performance

Efficient reaction time and always active connectivity ensures smooth operations between connected devices.

3. Real-time & secured

Ability to remotely control machines and devices with secure connection.

4. Better customer experience

Two-way connection with customers allowing them to receive and react on notifications.

Microsoft selects Kaltiot

Kaltio Technologies has been selected by Microsoft as service provider for the two-way secure push notification service, known as the NNA, “N. Notification API”. NNA is used in several mobile platforms. NNA users will be migrated to Kaltiot Smart IoT running on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

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Take full advantage of our SDK.

We provide you with Client SDK that takes care of everything needed for secure communication to Kaltio Smart IoT backend. It does almost everything from fetching unique identity to security to using network in the most optimal way.
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Data collection and device control through easy-to-use client and server side API.


Provides fully secure communication channel with TLS even on low memory footprint devices.


Always online and realtime messaging even in lossy networks.

Automatic provisioning

Devices start communicating immediately without any human intervention.

Minimal bandwidth usage

Optimal protocols keep data usage to a minimum.

Battery optimized

Intelligent algorithms to keep power drain to a minimum.


Kaltiot Smart IoT has fully functioning PKI system which can provide you unique client certificates to your IoT devices and it has identity management system where your devices can receive unique identities and credentials. Every IoT device powered by Kaltiot SDK can go online and provision itself without any human intervention.


Kaltiot Smart IoT has security built in. It uses TLS 1.2 with only the strongest ciphers and uses mutual authentication to authenticate both ends. Any compromised device can revoked from the system. All the TLS related provisioning is handle by the SDK like fetching and renewing the certificates. TLS library’s small memory footprint (6KB) enables TLS to be used also in small RAM devices.

Network Management

Kaltiot Smart IoT Client SDK uses extremely lightweight secure protocol for connecting to Kaltiot IoT Cloud. The connection between control and device/ sensor is always online and connection is optimized for the network it is in. Does not need to do unnecessary reconnecting. Thus optimizing the battery/power usage.


Kaltiot Smart IoT platform has been designed for integration towards organizations BI systems. It contains the HTTP Rest API, where your organization can connect your BI systems. It enables bi-directional communication between your connected devices and your BI systems. Getting data streams allows your organization to store received data and then use that data for analysis.


Smart IoT solutions are always fully custom made. Contact our sales team.