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Together with Ramirent and SRV, Kaltiot is carrying out construction phase indoor positioning in REDI, which is currently one of the largest construction projects in Finland. Smart Tracker is used to monitor the location of scissor lifts on site.

REDI shopping center has a total area of ​​approximately 60 000 m2, including five floors of retail premises and two floors of parking halls. In addition to the shopping center, REDI is comprised of eight residential towers. The first one, Majakka will be completed in spring 2019 being the highest residential building in Finland.

Case Finnair

Finnair is using Kaltiot Smart Tracker in their modern airfreight terminal, COOL Nordic Cargo Hub.

Smart Tracker is used to track cargo taxi routes, and to monitor cargo conditions during transportation. Data integration with Finnair Cargo Eye enables automatic data flow to Cargo Control Center where all cargo traffic is controlled.

Case Microsoft

Kaltio Technologies has been selected by Microsoft as service provider for the two-way secure push notification service, known as the NNA.

NNA is used in several mobile platforms. NNA users will be migrated to Kaltiot Smart IoT running on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

The notification service has tens of millions of active, connected users and the solution has enabled a multitude of different service providers and software developers to improve their customer experience. The service has been used for social media communication, news filtering, customer service notifications and security alerts all over the world.

Case CGI

Together with CGI and Salesforce we demonstrated a practical IoT use case to track CGI hosts on a venue floor plan in real time. 

CGI hosted Ratkaisu17 seminar at Finlandiatalo, Helsinki.  Data was integrated to Salesforce IoT Cloud where location information was merged and analysed.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker helped visitors locate CGI hosts on a venue floorplan, in real time. Data was streamed to Salesforce IoT Cloud where location information was merged and analysed. Map and data was presented on a big screen. A visually compelling example how data flows from sensors to cloud where data is mashed. Smart Tracker uses bluetooth low energy beacons to locate assets while mobile phones serve as basestations. A venue setup takes only an hour thus indoor positioning can be made very cost efficiently with the solution.


With Kaltiot Smart Tracker with Sensors Fira is monitoring environmental conditions on their constructions sites. Also Smart Tracker is used for tracking people, assets and material flow.

University of Oulu

Kaltiot Smart Tracker is also available in 5G Test Network for research purposes in University Of Oulu. Over 2000 square meters provides good playground for students for their diploma work.


Salesforce Dreamforce2U tour was powered by Kaltiot Smart Tracker to find hosts and see busy areas on a big screen. Data was streamed to Salesforce IoT Cloud for people flow analysis and busy areas was presented as venue heat map.


Telia Company is piloting use cases for asset tracking. Kaltiot Smart Tracker is used as a platform to deliver detailed location information for their customers.


Smart Tracker is part of the Sapotech Reveal -platform.


With Kaltiot Smart Tracker Outokumpu is tracking sea containers over the world.