Affordable Custom IOT Solutions

We add the “smart” in “smart devices” and the “connected” in “connected hardware.”

Kaltiot provides affordable IOT solutions for business needing to either add on IOT measurement and tracking, or to build IOT connectivity into their own products. Among other things, we’ve made off-grid postal lockers that can be controlled from a smartphone as well as connected 100% mechanical, non-powered gym equipment to cloud reporting.

How it works


Customer contacts Kaltiot and describes the challenge.

Define requirements

Kaltiot + customer work together to understand what is needed to solve the problem.

Continuing development

Kaltiot continues running and optimizing the service as relevant at the customer’s request.

First prototype

As soon as possible, Kaltiot presents the first prototype of what the end result could look like.

Software and service development

Software, database and reporting development is completed to the agreed level.

Test version

Customer tries the test version and can make suggestions for improvement.

Hardware development

Product development is completed on the physical product(s) and sensor setup.

Software and service development

Software, database and reporting development is completed to the agreed level.

Continuing development

Kaltiot continues running and optimizing the service as relevant at the customer’s request.

Our specialties

Cost-effective development

We primarily work with existing sensors, beacons and other IOT hardware, making our projects faster and more cost-effective than building new hardware from the ground up. We use devices from multiple manufacturers to find what is optimal for each project; we are not tied down to any specific manufacturer. We’ve also developed firmware for some devices to fully integrate them with the Kaltiot backend.

Our IOT platform can handle a wide range of data inputs, from air quality to location, temperature and impact data. We can also integrate the ability to control remotely located mechanical devices, such as locks, from a centralized location.

Not all custom solutions require custom development. Our Kaltiot Smart Tracker IOT-as-a-service platform is extremely flexible. If we can build your needed solution completely using our existing SaaS feature set, starting costs are even lower!

Movable, wireless devices

We specialize in IOT solutions for physical locations without a fixed power supply. For example, we developed an outdoor package locker that needs just a single, easily accessible battery box changed once a year to run a locker with 20+ boxes year-round, including months of below-freezing temperatures and totalling thousands of locker opens.

Integrate with your existing software

Our team has the ability to integrate the final control and reporting of IOT devices into your company’s own apps, business management software, and reporting tools.


We can develop the full project for you from start to finish, including:

  • Planning sensor + connectivity hardware needs
  • Providing and provisioning hardware
  • Data collection and upload
  • Data processing and storage
  • Data visualization
  • End-user app development
  • Integrations with business software

Full DevOps team

Our tightly knit team has worked together for years and has capabilities to efficiently handle the full programming stack needed for IOT solutions.

  • Requirements planning
  • Architecture design
  • Embedded software
  • Security (TLS, protocols, security by design)
  • Large and scalable realtime systems
  • Full stack development
  • Cloud database programming
  • Network and connectivity technologies
  • Test planning and automation
  • API productization

Our team can deliver projects from startup-scale to enterprise-scale. Our system architecture is fully scalable and can handle from just a few dozen connected devices to millions of devices per project.


Connecting outdoor gyms to the Internet

The city of Helsinki needed to track how much use their public outdoor gyms were getting. This data would show which equipment was the most popular, help determine when and how often maintenance should be done, and impact budgeting.


Wireless outdoor automatic package pick-up lockers

The Finnish postal service didn’t know if it was even possible, but they wanted package pick-up lockers that would work outdoors, summer and winter, and wouldn’t require an external power supply. The lockers needed to integrate with the existing postal network technology and each door needed a lock which could have a unique pick-up code for each package. And it needed to be affordable. Kaltiot delivered.


Nokia Notification API (NNA) cloud migration project

We transferred more than 30 million users with billions of monthly messages from the physical data center to Microsoft Azure without any maintenance breaks.