Kaltiot IOT Sensors, Beacons and Technology

The flexible Kaltiot Smart Tracker system is built for collecting and analyzing real-world sensor data on location, relative humidity, temperature, air pressure, and other information for businesses. Our IOT platform uses a variety of devices to collect, store, and transfer this data to our servers. From there, customers can access their reporting via customized visual dashboards.

The Smart Tracker system can meet a variety of needs, from IOT beacons to track equipment, to sensors for environmental monitoring, to smart devices for logistics management.

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Types of devices

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Beacon modes and types

Kaltiot IOT platform

Kaltiot reporting platform

Types of IOT devices


IOT devices for commercial tracking and monitoring purposes can be broken down into three basic categories. Our complete Internet of Things monitoring SaaS platform uses all three of these types of devices.

IOT Beacon

An IOT beacon is a small electronic device that broadcasts a signal. At its most basic, this signal is just a message telling the beacon’s unique ID, or name. The location of the beacon can be determined based on the location of the devices that pick up the beacon’s signal.

For example, a warehouse loading dock could have a gateway that “checks in” each pallet with a beacon attached as it passed through the loading dock.

IOT beacons are usually battery-operated so they can be attached to different places with more flexibility.

Beacons without sensors are commonly called tags.

IOT Sensor

An IOT sensor is a device that collects data, such as temperature, humidity, acceleration (impact), proximity, and more and forwards it to the cloud storage.

Sensor can refer to an individual sensor within the device, such as the relative humidity sensor, or to the multi-sensor device as a whole.

In practice all sensors (data collectors) are also beacons (they send the data on to somewhere). Otherwise, it would be necessary to walk around to all the different sensors and collect data from them manually.

IOT Gateway

An IOT gateway picks up the signals from nearby IOT beacons and sends the data on to the central database. A typical gateway could handle beacons within a 50-meter range.

Gateways are needed because small, affordable, battery-optimized beacons don’t have a direct connection to the internet. The gateway takes the Bluetooth Low-Energy signal from the beacon and sends the data over a wired or wireless internet connection to the cloud.

The gateway can be battery-operated or run off grid power such as from a regular wall outlet.

Some beacons are also gateways and do have their own internet connection. This makes them larger and more expensive.

IOT sensors we use

We have multiple physical devices equipped with our own software and connected to the Kaltiot IOT platform. The same technology handles data across every solution we offer. With our customized setup and unique dashboard for each customer to visualize the metrics that matter to you, you’ll think it was built from the ground up just for you.

Note: If a beacon is listed as having location tracking, this doesn’t mean it has GPS functionality. It means the beacon can be located based on nearby fixed or movable gateways.

Select a device type to filter the devices shown.

Kaltiot IOT Gateway

Capabilities: Temperature, Network positioning

Power source: Grid power or external battery (up to 2 years)

Connectivity: 4G LTE network

Description: Can be located almost anywhere. Works outdoors year-round in summer and winter conditions. Global SIM. Nationwide coverage in Finland. No external internet connection required. Data transfer included in Kaltiot service plan. Data connection can be managed remotely.

Lansitec Macro Bluetooth Gateway

Capabilities: Network positioning

Power source: Battery (up to 2 years)

Connectivity: LoRa network

Description: Can be located almost anywhere. Works outdoors year-round in summer and winter conditions. Nationwide coverage in Finland. Data transfer included in Kaltiot service plan. Data connection can be managed remotely.

This gateway listens to BLE beacons and uploads the data over the LoRa network to the cloud. Works with RuuviTag.

Minew Card Beacon

Capabilities: Bluetooth positioning

Power source: Battery, up to 2 years

Connectivity: BLE, reach 10-30 meters from gateway

Description: Just 2 millimeters thick and about the same size as a standard bank card. Waterproof. Can be used as a wallet ID card or visitor name tag or badge due to its special size. Also good for installations where the beacon needs to be as flat to the surface of the tracked object as possible.

Minew Robust Beacon

Capabilities: Bluetooth positioning

Power source: Battery, up to 5 years

Connectivity: BLE, reach 10-30 meters from gateway

Description: A Bluetooth Low-Energy locating beacon designed for harsher conditions and outdoor usage.

Iprotoxi Aistin

Capabilities: Temperature, Humidity (Air), Pressure, Acceleration, CO2, TVOC, distance, Humidity (inside concrete or other material), Network positioning

Power source: Battery, up to 5y

Connectivity: 4G network

Description: A device that can be equipped with many possible sensors. Useful for measuring humidity in concrete structures during the drying/curing process.

Mokosmart LW001-BG PRO

Capabilities: Bluetooth positioning, GPS positioning, WiFi positioning, Vibration / Motion, Network positioning

Power source: Battery, up to 4.5 years

Connectivity: LoRa network

Description: A sensor designed specifically for tracking objects and equipment. The device has the capability to detect vibrations and movement start/stop points, which GPS positioning alone cannot do. The movement detection triggers GPS tracking only when movement is detected, extending battery life dramatically. Local data backup.

Smart Tracker smartphone app

Smart Tracker Application for phone

Capabilities: GPS positioning, Network positioning

Power source: 10% battery life per day

Connectivity: Mobile phone networks

Description: Can be installed on employee phones or workplace phones. Can be used as a “beacon,” to locate nearby beacons, and to manage beacons. Acts as a gateway for nearby BLE beacons and sensors.

Smart Tracker smartphone app

Smart Tracker Gateway Mode phone

Capabilities: GPS positioning, Network positioning

Power source: Grid power

Connectivity: Mobile phone networks

Description: Can be used as a gateway for nearby BLE beacons and sensors.

Kaltiot RuuviTag

Capabilities: Humidity (Air), Pressure, Acceleration, External sensor, Temperature

Power source: Battery, up to 3 years

Connectivity: BLE, reach 10-30 meters from gateway

Description: A true multi-purpose beacon. The device is from Ruuvi with Kaltiot firmware installed, which enables data logging functionality. Each device can store 20000 sensor data samples.

External sensors can also be connected to the device, such as 1-Wire temperature sensor.

The RuuviTag can be used to scan data from other beacons, to relay data onward to gateways, and to temporarily store data until upload to the cloud. Learn more.

Smart Tracker smartphone app

Elsys ERS Eye

Capabilities: Temperature, Motion, Infrared occupancy sensor, Light, Humidity (Air), Network positioning

Power source: Battery, up to 5 years

Connectivity: LoRa network

Description: A room occupancy and indoor climate sensor with a detection range of 5 meters. It detects occupancy using an infrared body heat detector that can detect motion as well as people who are sitting or standing in one place. Can be remotely managed.

Smart Tracker smartphone app

Small Data Garden IOTSU L7R AQ09

Capabilities: Temperature, Humidity (Air), CO2, TVOC, Particulates – PM2.5, Particulates – PM10

Power source: Battery

Connectivity: LoRa network

Description: An air quality sensor designed for challenging environments. Can be remotely managed.

Ruuvi gateway

Ruuvi Gateway

Capabilities: Gateway

Power source: Grid power

Connectivity: WiFi and/or ethernet

Description: This gateway listens to BLE beacons and uploads the data over WiFi or an ethernet connection to the cloud.

Minew Plus Beacon

Capabilities: Bluetooth positioning

Power source: Battery, up to 2 years

Connectivity: BLE, reach 10-30 meters from gateway

Description: A Bluetooth Low-Energy locating beacon.

IOT Platform

Kaltiot Smart Tracker and Kaltiot custom IOT solutions run off the Kaltiot IOT platform.  From sensor to reporting, your data stays within the Kaltiot-developed ecosystem, meaning we can control every aspect of the code and ensure your data stays completely secure.

Benefits of the Kaltiot IOT platform

Because we use our own platform, we do things with the data that generic platforms can’t. The Smart Tracker system is integrated all the way from the firmware inside certain beacons to our reporting tool.

For example, we were able to build custom data processing for Omnigym to calculate series and reps on outdoor public workout equipment. The sensors are standard motion sensors. Using back-end code we’re able to transform the motion data into information relevant to gym equipment.

Why choose Kaltiot?

  • Gateway connectivity as a service
  • Ready-to-go sensor firmware for many use cases
  • Custom firmware for sensors
  • Ready-to-use APIs for beacon location tracking data
  • Cloud storage for sensor data
  • API access to stored sensor data
  • Custom integrations and development available

A secure, scalable, mobile platform

Challenge Kaltiot Solution
Handling millions of devices​ One easy to use cloud based API for sending and receiving data to/from device in realtime​
Resource-constrainted devices​ Small memory footprint client SDK, Optimized data connection​
Lossy networks, low connectivity Optimized data connection, logger functionality. Data can be uploaded when a connection is available.

Mutual authentication of endpoints. Identity management of endpoints. ​

Provides fully secure communication channel with TLS even on low memory footprint devices.

Kaltiot Smart IoT has security built in. It uses TLS 1.2 with only the strongest ciphers and uses mutual authentication to authenticate both ends. Any compromised device can revoked from the system. All the TLS related provisioning is handle by the SDK like fetching and renewing the certificates. TLS library’s small memory footprint (6KB) enables TLS to be used also in small RAM devices.

Scalability​ Proven to scale and provide secure connection to tens of million devices​
Device management​ Device Repository and channel for OTA update signaling​
Provisioning device into system​

Automatic device provisioning once device has been cryptographically verified to be authentic​.

Our IOT platform includes a fully functioning public-key infrastructure (PKI) system which can provide you unique client certificates to your IOT devices, as well as an identity management system where your devices can receive unique identities and credentials. Remotely activate and deactive each device. Remotely assign devices to a new asset or space to be tracked.

Every IOT device powered by the Kaltiot SDK can start communicating immediately without any human intervention.

Battery-powered devices Kaltiot Smart IoT Client SDK uses extremely lightweight secure protocol for connecting to Kaltiot IoT Cloud. The connection between control and device/sensor is always online and connection is optimized for the network it is in. It does not need to do unnecessary reconnecting, thus optimizing the battery/power usage.
Optimal protocols keep data usage to a minimum.
Intelligent algorithms to keep power drain to a minimum.


The Kaltiot IOT platform is designed for integrations. We have a client SDK and REST API for bringing Smart Tracker data into your internal business applications, and we are able to build new integrations on a fast schedule.

Need us to set up an integration for you? Just get in touch.

Reporting Platform

Reporting is customized for each client. You can have separate dashboards for different types of data or sites. We can also integrate reporting into your existing apps or software as a custom development project.

You can set up your own email alerts, or ask our team to set them up for you, for many different needs.

Adding, removing, and reusing sensors

New sensors and beacons can be added at any time. The system is also designed to manage reusable beacons. For example, if you attach a location beacon to a pallet of materials, when those materials have been use you can send the beacon back to the starting point, attach and assign it to a new pallet, and use it again.

Sensors can also be deactived when they are no longer in use, or for example an entire floor of sensors that no longer needs tracking.

Integrating with your own software

We are integration-ready and able to turn around new integrations on a very fast timeline. Contact our sales team with your specific needs if you are interested in using reporting data within your existing system, whether it’s an in-house system or a third-party system.

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Questions about setup, pricing, or capabilities? Start getting answers, contact the Kaltiot team!