Accessibility tools

Tracking service

from 2€/ beacon/ month or from 20€/ beacon/ year

  • Designed for indoor and outdoor tracking of assets or people.

Pricing terms

  • Minimum Service fee 500€ / month
  • VAT not included
  • Monthly billing option comes with a 1 month termination period

Tracking + Sensor Service

from 5€/ beacon/ month or from 50€/ beacon/ year

  • Designed for indoor and outdoor tracking of assets or people with sensor support.

Pricing terms

  • Minimum Service fee 500€ / month
  • VAT not included
  • Monthly billing option comes with a 1 month termination period

Detailed feature info

  • Indoor & Outdoor positioning

    Our algorithm is configurable which means that we can adjust the settings so that they best meet your needs. For certain use case a dense scanning interval is essential while in other use case scanning once in a day works best.

    Application supports floor plans in the following file formats: .jpg, .png and .pdf

    Application always shows you last seen location of an asset until the latest location is updated.

    Geofencing allows you to determine an area where application is active. Outside geofence area application is automatically turned off.

    Virtual beacons allow you to recognise tracked assets in certain areas without using any physical beacons as fixed reference spot. An area, e.g. a warehouse or construction site is determined as identified location. This helps you to see different areas that your assets are located.

  • Cloud service

    All collected data is saved in Kaltiot cloud service. This means you don’t need own servers for using Smart Tracker. Information is shared within your own organisation.

    Information can be shared with other organisations, for example with your partners, or subcontractors.

    We provide Rest API for integration, and data sharing. Read API is not included in the basic service fee.

  • Beacons

    In general, Eddystone and ibeacons from multiple vendors are supported. There are different types of beacon models available for different use cases. For tracking purposes, there is a various selection of different model and size beacons. For sensor data logging purposes, we recommend RuuviTag. Kaltiot supports you to choose the best beacon for your use case.

    The size of a beacon depends on a battery. The smaller the battery, the shorter the battery life, and vice versa. Battery life varies between one month to five years. 


  • Web views

    For data visualisation, we provide Web view for location, where you can see your assets in a map. Web view also shows you history data such as routes. Grafana UI shows sensor data in a graph. You can either wiew current data or choose the timeline for data view, e.g. for the past two weeks. Asset view shows you listed assets in a certain location. For example, your tools are held in five different warehouse, and asset view shows you which tools are in which warehouse.

    We also provide customised UI’s. Kindly let us know how we can support you building specified UI for your use case.

  • Mobile application

    Our mobile application enables to automatically collect signals from BLE-beacons. Once you have named the beacon in application, it will be automatically located afterwards. No manual pairing between mobile device and beacons are needed.

    Application runs in foreground and background. It means that you don’t have to keep application in foreground to get updates. Simply put the phone in your pocket, and beacons are automatically scanned.

    Sensor data collecting and transfer happens automatically in background when phone is nearby sensor beacons.

  • History data

    Service includes data storage for one year. However, if you wish to get your data saved for more than one year, we can extend the storage time according to your needs.

  • Customizations

    If you think that none of our current offering doesn’t match your requirement entirely, we are happy to serve customisation projects for your use case. Location algorithms, dashboards, integrations, and utilisation reports can be adjusted as you wish.

Additional services:

  • Integration to legacy systems
  • Deployment
  • Technical Support
  • Customer specific implementations

*Bluetooth beacons are not included in the service fee. Compatible beacons are readily available from multiple vendors. Get more information of supported beacons from our white paper.

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