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IOT monitoring SaaS solutions

The Kaltiot Smart Tracker system is a scalable solution for IOT environmental, location, and usage tracking, including building management, logistics, lean construction, and public spaces.

Our services are an affordable way to connect dozens to thousands of physical devices to a single network for data and access.

Track indoor air conditions

See temperature, humidity, and CO2 content in real time in one dashboard for up to thousands of spaces at once. Find where your ventilation needs improvement, the air conditioning is not working so well, or the heat can be turned down.

Construction site monitoring

With our IOT technology, you can monitor worksite conditions in real time for each stage of work, ensure workers and materials are where they need to be, and easily locate large equipment across many floors and thousands of square meters.

Usage tracking

Track resource utilization for physical devices in one centralized dashboard. We can connect devices without any external power supply. For example, a city can compare which of their outdoor gyms get the most usage, which devices are not used, and can better plan future installations.

Large industrial sites such as warehouses can track utilization, location and impacts on expensive equipment such as forklifts, laboratory devices and other assets.

Location tracking

Track the location of equipment, workers, and materials from a centralized dashboard. Location tracking is especially suitable for assets that are moved from space to space, such as between buildings, and/or moved around within the same building, such as floors of a hospital.

Why choose Kaltiot?

The Kaltiot Smart Tracker IOT platform is so powerful you might think it’s built from the ground up just for you. Except that you get more with Smart Tracker than by going 100% custom:

Get started in days, not months or years

Launch your new project quickly without needing to wait on a full development timeline, which is usually years for enterprise-level projects.

Verified performance

Our team has been improving our software for years. That means we’ve had a long time to fine-tune data analysis, optimize battery life, and test features.

Save money

If you don’t need a fully custom solution, don’t pay for one! Our connected IOT monitoring and tracking solutions start at just a few thousand € per year, compared to hundreds of thousands of euros for fully custom software development.

Our technology

We use multiple physical devices equipped with our own software and connected to the Kaltiot IOT platform. The same behind-the-scenes technology handles data across every solution we offer. With our variety of sensors, customized setup and unique dashboard to visualize the metrics that matter to you, you’ll think it was built from the ground up just for you.

Kaltiot sensors are…


We use a selection of devices from various manufacturers, with battery life typically of a year of more, that can be installed to fixed or movable objects.


Our service and data processing is designed for end-to-end security, and is fully compliant with privacy regulations.


Our solution easily scales up. It can handle millions of devices with billions of data packets a day in an optimal manner.


Sensors update data on temperature, humidity, location, impacts and more in near real-time. Real-time notifications and alerts are also available.

Detailed use cases