Accessibility tools

We help you locate things. We help you save time and money. We even help you save lives.

Ever lost your assets? It happens in every company but think about an ad hoc environment such as a hospital where devices, instruments, beds, wheelchairs, you name it, are misplaced or lost. It is critical if you don’t have the equipment available there.

What is the current solution then? Excess amount of everything. Manual labour looking for them. Not very cost-efficient and at the ER it may even cost lives having nurses and doctors searching for stuff instead of taking care of the patients.

Think about a large facility how difficult it is to keep track of whereabouts of all the visitors, sub-contractors and personnel. What if something happens like a chemical leakage? Any visitors near the danger zone? Did you get everyone out?

With Kaltiot Smart Tracker this could no longer be a problem. Just stick a simple beacon to anything you want to track and find it with a mobile phone app.

We are piloting f.ex. visitor tracking at a production site. The staff is equipped with Smart Tracker application and visitor badges are tagged with Smart Tracker BLE beacon. Security personnel can then see the location of visitors remotely and automatically with a web browser. Simple.

In another pilot we estimated that only by tracking hospital beds you could have 10% less beds and save 200k€ a year in a medium sized hospital.

You can get Smart Tracker with a monthly subscription, scalable per need. It requires no fixed basestation installations and works both indoors and outdoors. Thus no upfront investments like with traditional solutions.

But don’t take us for granted – we encourage you to pilot Smart Tracker 1st. It is deployed fast and easily so your pilot could be up&running in hours. Let’s validate how location data could help your business!

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