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Kaltiot Smart IoT is not complicated to use. On the contrary, we have made a lot of effort to make it as simple as possible for you to use.

We’ve simplified the implementation into 6 steps, so sending your first message using Kaltiot Smart SDK is just a few minutes away. You can either follow this blog, or watch the video.

  • Sign into our Kaltiot Smart IoT Console
  • Register your application.
  • Click to build and download your SDK.
  • Start Kaltiot Smart Gateway daemon ks_gw
  • Start sample_publish
  • Open the RID of your device and send a message

For fast and easy sign-in you can use your Facebook or Google account. Then you register your unique Application ID, that represents your organization and links all your devices together. If you have many developers working for the same organization you can link other accounts to your Application ID once you have it registered. In the Downloads view you find the SDK packages. We build the SDK for your Application ID so all your devices are automatically provisioned and linked to your Application ID.

The SDK works as a gateway and makes a secure connection to Kaltiot Smart IoT. It keeps the connection open at all times with minimal resource usage. How we do this is a topic that I’ll explain in detail later. The gateway and every device connected to it will receive their unique Registration ID (RID) that identifies your device and is used when sending or receiving messages to/from it.

The sample application demonstrates a device that uses the SDK to send random data every 10 seconds. For your own purposes you want to send some more meaningful data, hopefully!

In the Console,  you can see a new device RID appearing. When you open the RID you can subscribe to receive data from the device or you can type in and send messages to it. When integrating to your own system you implement the client application on your device and use the SDK to connect and send the data you want. You find more information in our SDK documentation. Accessing all the data from all your devices is done using our Rest API.

That’s it, smart and easy! In case you run into difficulties, don’t hesitate to contact us.