Tracking elevator components at a construction site

Kaltiot and KONE collaborated in Combient Foundry’s Venture Client Cycle focusing on construction site logistics. A total of just three startups were selected from over 200 applicants to co-create pilots with Stora Enso and KONE.

Kaltiot developed two successful pilots​ for KONE using hundreds of tracking beacons. One site was the Tripla shopping mall construction site in Finland. The other was in London at the construction site for South Quay Plaza, a 220-meter primarily residential building.

Both construction sites involved a significant number of elevator installations due to their large size. The Tripla shopping mall site consists of 85000 square meters of shopping space on top of a 5-story underground parking garage. The finished mall has over 200 different shops and stores and is one of Finland’s largest malls. South Quay Plaza, meanwhile is a 220-meter waterfront skyscraper with a total of 129000 square meters of floor space, on the highly developed Isle of Dogs in London.

The Tripla shopping mall construction site. Credit: joneikifi, Wikimedia. Source: License:

The logistics pilot focused on tracking elevator components, such as the elevator car roof, ropes, the car door operator, control panels, and the car connection box. Kaltiot’s Smart Tracker sensors also monitored temperature and humidity conditions during transport.

Components for Tripla were tracked from the local distribution center in Kouvola to the site, through a reloading point, to on arrival at on-site storage. After the components arrived at the site, their movement within the construction site was tracked on site floorplans uploaded to the Smart Tracker application.

Components for South Quay Plaza were tracked starting at Kone’s own staging warehouse in Alconbury, 80 km outside of London. Due to the central location in a highly developed urban area, the highrise construction site did not have much onsite storage, and managing the construction site logistics was critical. Components were delivered to the final installation site within the project site as directly as possible from the staging warehouse.

Kaltiot also tracked installation progress by following which compontents had been installed in the destination elevator shaft.

Kaltiot also investigated using installed elevators as a location for gateway to collect data on the movement of other materials from floor to floor.

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