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Monitoring, controlling and automating are the bases for IoT business case. IoT makes it possible to control a device. For example, a business can remotely turn on or shut down a specific piece of equipment or adjust the temperature in a climate-controlled environment. The business case comes from both reducing human labor, but also getting reliable data out of the communication and device functionality.

Imagine a situation where you can maintain hundreds, thousands or event millions of devices simultaneously without sending your staff to do the job? Or imagine if you get the data from your system to tell you that you need to change the pace the system is working to save operating cost.

Accurate and real time measurement provides actual performance data and equipment health, instead of just estimates. Businesses, particularly industrial companies, lose money when equipment fails. With new sensor information, IoT can help a company save money by minimizing equipment failure and allowing the business to perform planned maintenance. Sensors can also measure items, such as driving behavior and speed, to reduce fuel expense and wear and tear on consumables. New smart meters in homes and businesses can also provide data that helps people understand energy consumption and opportunities for cost savings.