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Approximately 20 percent of temperature-sensitive air cargo are scrapped due to broken cold chain. The total losses in temperature-sensitive air cargo add up to 30 billion euro annually.

Sensitive cargo includes fish and other foods as well as pharmaceutical products. In air freight logistics chain there are several parties involved, and the cargo may have to wait in non-controlled areas for hours during transportation.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker can record shipment conditions, location and shipment parties. Now Smart Tracker has been extended with sensor technology, which enables smart data collection the same way as in positioning – wirelessly and automatically. Affordable beacons with sensors enable even single use. One example of these beacons is RuuviTag.

With Kaltiot firmware, RuuviTag sensor becomes a data logger that is able to store environmental condition data such as temperature, humidity and air pressure. Smart Tracker application transfers the data from RuuviTag automatically in the background to our cloud service when RuuviTag is near smart phone. This happens without user action and Bluetooth pairing.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker Service can update RuuviTag configuration parameters Over the Air. Thousands of data samples can be stored in a single RuuviTag. Customers can access the data or integrate it with their operative systems by utilizing Kaltiot Smart Tracker Cloud API. Kaltiot Smart Tracker sensor service includes tools for data visualisation.