Tracking sensitive cargo with IOT sensors

Approximately 20 percent of temperature-sensitive air cargo are scrapped due to broken cold chain. The total losses in temperature-sensitive air cargo add up to 30 billion euro annually.

Sensitive cargo includes fish and other foods as well as medicine and pharmaceutical products. In the air freight logistics chain, cargo passes through the control of multiple different parties, and the cargo may have to wait in non-controlled areas for hours during transportation.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker can record environmental conditions the cargo experiences, its location, and which party has last handled the shipment. The Kaltiot Smart Tracker IOT system tracks data such as temperature, humidity and air pressure wirelessly and automatically. The IOT beacons used are affordable enough to make tracking a wide variety of cargo types economical.

Shipment leaving cargo terminal with sensors

With Kaltiot firmware, the RuuviTag sensor becomes a data logger that is able to store environmental condition data in offline conditions until the next opportunity is available to upload the data to the cloud. The Smart Tracker software automatically transfers the data in the background to the Smart Tracker cloud service when the Ruuvi Tag is near a connected Smart Tracker gateway. Gateways can be placed in cargo terminals at key loading and unloading points, for example.

To use the service, a single beacon is attached to each cargo shipment. Employees mark which shipment each beacon represents in the cloud service. Users with access can see the most recently available location, temperature, humidity, and pressure data for each shipment, as well as access historical records in the centralized database. Alerts can be set up for cargo that experiences conditions outside of the acceptable range.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker Service can update RuuviTag configuration parameters over the air, which is a key feature for businesses with large volumes of tracked cargo.

The beacon storage can handle long journeys and a variety of critical data, since thousands of data samples can be stored in a single RuuviTag.

Customers can access the data or integrate it with their operative systems by utilizing Kaltiot Smart Tracker Cloud API, or use the Kaltiot Smart Tracker data visualisation tools that are included with the service.

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