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Locate your Things by utilizing your existing infrastructure

Covid-19 contact tracking for social distancing and contact tracing in companies

How to open my operations and keep the employees safe? How do I analyse the working environment and the potential contacts between employees and make changes towards less contacts?  

We have created a sensor-based contact tracking solution for social distancing analytics and contact tracing. It is called Kaltio Contact Tracker. 

Indoor & outdoor location

– no base stations required!

Track your assets using your existing infrastructure. Utilize your work force mobile phones with affordable Bluetooth BLE beacons. Our solution requires no base station installations, making set-up effortless.

Just stick the Smart Tracker BLE beacon to any asset – gadget, tool, visitor badge, vehicle – and locate it with Smart Tracker mobile phone application. Simple and cost efficient!

Track assets, gain sensor data

Smart Tracker is used to track different size or value of items from hand tools to shipping containers. Thanks to the affordable Bluetooth beacons even smaller, low-value items can be tracked to minimize time to find them.

Gain valuable sensor data! Wireless supply chain monitoring in real time to get data such as temperaturehumidityair pressure etc. Data buffering supported even if cloud connectivity not available.

Feed data to your ERP system

Integrate your system to Smart Tracker via cloud interface.

No upfront investments

Get cost-effective Smart Tracker with monthly subscription.

No vendor lock-in

Smart Tracker allows to select any vendor BLE beacons for certain purposes.


Our pricing is based on the number and the type of beacons used. Contact our sales team.

Latest article

Korkean rakentamisen paloturvallisuus kuntoon henkilöiden paikannuksella  

Korkea rakentaminen yleistyy Suomessa. Etenkin pääkaupunkiseudulla tornitaloja rakennetaan yhä enemmän ja 16-kerroksisista asuintaloista on tulossa arkipäivää. Helsingin Kalasataman tornitalot yltävät jo reilusti yli 100 metrin korkeudelle. Korkea rakentaminen tuo kuitenkin haasteita ja vaatimuksia rakennustyömaan paloturvallisuudelle. Miten paloturvallisuudesta voisi huolehtia helposti rakentaessa korkeaa rakennusta?  

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Ramirent is a construction equipment rental and service firm that operates in nine European countries. It uses digital tools and services to add value to its customers and improve the efficiency of construction operations. In November 2018, Ramirent, SRV, and Kaltiot completed a test on promising technology that is used to locate construction equipment indoors. The experiment took place in Helsinki and was partly funded by the national KIRA-digi digitalization project.

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Smart Tracker in action

Tracking cargo conditions with Smart Tracker

Data collection with movable tags in connection to movable devices provides a significant added value for the logistics chain operators.

Case Finnair

Finnair is using Kaltiot Smart Tracker in their modern airfreight terminal, COOL Nordic Cargo Hub. Smart Tracker is used to track cargo taxi routes, and to monitor cargo conditions during transportation. Data integration with Finnair Cargo Eye enables automatic data flow to Cargo Control Center where all cargo traffic is controlled.

Watch video about Kaltiot Smart Tracker sensor service!

Case Microsoft

Kaltio Technologies has been selected by Microsoft as service provider for the two-way secure push notification service, known as the NNA.

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Case CGI

CGI hosted Ratkaisu17 seminar at Finlandiatalo, Helsinki. Together with CGI and Salesforce we demonstrated a practical IoT use case to track CGI hosts on a venue floor plan in real time. Data was integrated to Salesforce IoT Cloud where location information was merged and analysed.

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Case Telia

Telia Company is piloting use cases for asset tracking. Kaltiot Smart Tracker is used as a platform to deliver detailed location information for their customers.

Case Salesforce

Salesforce Dreamforce2U tour was powered by Kaltiot Smart Tracker to find hosts and see busy areas on a big screen. Data was streamed to Salesforce IoT Cloud for people flow analysis and busy areas was presented as venue heat map.

Cloud API – Application SDK


Use Kaltiot Smart Tracker mobile application to gain location and sensor data to integrate with your system using cloud-based API.  The application is available for iOS and Android platforms.

Get Kaltiot Smart Tracker  as a Software Development Kit, integrate it to your own application.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker is powered by Kaltiot Smart IoT.