Tracking equipment at a construction site

Locating a scissor lift with a BLE tracker

Together with Ramirent and SRV, Kaltiot carried out construction phase indoor positioning in REDI, one of the largest construction projects in Finland at that time. The Kaltiot Smart Tracker system was used to monitor the location of scissor lifts on the project site.

The REDI shopping center has a total area of ​​approximately 60 000 m2, including five floors of retail premises and two floors of parking halls. In addition to the shopping center, REDI also has eight residential towers. The first one, Majakka, was the highest residential building in Finland at the time of completion.

The problem

On large, complicated sites with hundreds or thousands of workers and shared equipment, others are always moving the tools you need and you don’t know where to look for them. Workers can spend a few hours a week, or even half a work day, looking for the tools they need to finish their assigned tasks. When you multiply even an hour or two a week across hundreds of workers and months of project time, the savings from asset tracking become dramatic.

Worker using Smart Tracker app to locate equipment

The solution

Ramirent and SRV are constantly looking for new innovations on the construction site. Kaltiot Smart Tracker was seen as having the potential to improve the productivity of construction site operations. The project also opened the possiblity to develop more construction-specific solutions together.

The construction site environment brings many challenges to the tracking solution, including constant progress in construction with evolving spaces, numerous subcontractors, and limited network connections in underground floors and concrete structures. Workplaces are often divided into indoor and outdoor spaces, and the tracking solution has to work seamlessly throughout the entire area. On top of these challenges, the tracker needs to be battery-operated and run for as long as possible to make operation smooth.

Installing tracking beacon

For REDI, Smart Tracker provided information about the location of equipment anywhere on the site, for all workers, which can significantly reduce the time workers spent searching for what they needed. The position of construction foreman or other personnel is primarily a safety factor, but it also helps to optimize work tasks and supports on coordination and task prioritization.

Miscommunication and lack of technical tools causes inefficiency

To improve the overall on-site efficiency, cooperation and knowledge sharing between the parties is a prerequisite. By providing the location of equipment, tools, personnel and incoming material to all parties working on site with a mobile application and web view, the parties can contribute to both their own and other’s work efficiency.

To track a variety of movable equipment, transport vehicles or trolleys, containers, tools, or staff from a single system, Smart Tracker is the solution. Smart Tracker provides real-time or last seen location, route, and occupancy of the item. The data provided by Smart Tracker can be tailored to various parties and data can be processed in the desired way, for example, in their own operational development.

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