Providing Microsoft’s Push Notification Service.

Kaltiot was selected by Microsoft as the service provider for their mobile phone two-way secure push notification service when part of Nokia’s mobile phone business was sold to Microsoft. NNA was used in several mobile platforms.

Members of the Kaltiot team originally developed the NNA for Nokia. Both Nokia and Microsoft had strict demands both for security and user experience. The NNA needed to work in countries that have poor and lossy networks, and with the same demand for user experience for both low-end and more sophisticated devices. We also needed to be able to operate and manage all the transactions between the user and a service provider, like social media or news services. It also needed to provide secure two-way communication.

The notification service had tens of millions of active, connected users and the solution has enabled a multitude of different service providers and software developers to improve their customer experience. The service has been used for social media communication, news filtering, customer service notifications and security alerts all over the world.

We transferred more than 30 million users of this critical service, with billions of monthly messages, from the original physical data center to Kaltiot Smart IOT platform running on the Microsoft Azure cloud without any maintenance breaks.

The Kaltiot-operated NNA service successfully providing years of reliable service for Microsoft to millions of users globally. Microsoft eventually wound down the mobile platform and we finally closed the service as the last users switched to other mobile phone platforms.

The same framework that powered the NNA enables us to handle practically any number of IOT devices on our highly scalable IOT platform for any size customer.

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