Security should be the forethought of a reliable IoT

Most IoT applications are still taking baby steps and therefore security is not fully understood as part of the overall IoT strategy. As businesses are struggling to get benefits out of development investments into IoT, security seems to be at the at the bottom of the agenda or it’s just not in the agenda at all. What if you could combine a ready-made connectivity with smart IoT benefits making the devices and software (embedded software) secure?

Why should you bother with security in IoT?
Some security risks and breaches:

1. Someone or something takes control of your device. Read about hackers remotely stopping a car while it in was in use.

2. Someone or something steals vital information from you. Read about the latest info leak about the Panama papers. See here a nice visual statistic about worlds biggest data breaches and hacks.

3. Someone or something disrupts your devices operation.  This security breach gives us the chills. Here is one about an attack on US Department of energy.

Business impacts of poor IoT security:
  • Your devices don’t do their task and your operation/ production/ customer service is down.
  • You leak vital information about your business or users.
  • Your IoT is not smart and while breaching one device you lose control of all paralysing your business.
  • All devices need to be called back for maintenance.
  • Or at worst your devices like cars, wearables or surgical robots have human consequences potentially causing harm to lives.

If you have invested in reliable IoT that brings competence and experience you can have security on top of your agenda.

If you have invested in smart IoT you can control each and every connection and device as a unique entity, so in case something happens, the device or group of devices can be isolated immediately.

If have invested in both smart IoT and reliable IoT the attacked device let’s you know what is happening and you can immediately act on it.

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