Smart Tracker at construction site

Multiple use cases have been identified in the construction site through the pilots with Smart Tracker. For example, as a KiraDigi-project, a scissor lift tracking pilot had the primary purpose of testing the compatibility of Bluetooth-based solution for construction site environment. In addition, the aim was to reduce the time spent searching, enhance the capacity of the equipment, and optimize the number of machines and the storage location. Based on user experience, Smart Tracker saves a significant amount of working time.

Construction company Fira wanted to find a solution that could provide the environmental data of the buildings under construction, as well as to monitor the employees’ work phases in their process. Collected condition data helps them to optimize workflow. Real-time data is used to see how drywall surfaces are progressing after painting, and at what stage it is appropriate to continue with the next steps. By collecting continuous data from an ongoing subject, the construction process can be improved further.

In the use cases described in the video, there is a construction site as shared environment. For many positioning solutions, the construction site is a particularly challenging environment due to its constant change. There is no fixed electricity available in the building under construction, nor fixed network connection. Structures in continuous change make it difficult to make installations.

Smart Tracker has been able to overcome the challenges of the construction site. The ease of implementation of the solution is of great importance, as the required tag installations can be made to the spaces under construction with various methods. When selecting fixing methods, it is good to consider the potential need for tag relocation. Fixed boxes that are screwed into place may not be the best choice since the relocation must be able to be done quickly and easily if and when needed.

The challenge for fixed installations also applies to network-connected devices. Smart Tracker solves the challenge by utilizing smartphones that work like traditional gateways. Smartphones are held with workers on site or alternatively can be set to a stationary scanner across the site.

One essential requirement for the location devices in construction site is equipment that has a long battery life. There is no workforce on site to ensure that the equipment is powered on a weekly basis. Therefore, the solution must work as stand-alone, with the longest life possible. Smart Tracker uses Bluetooth Low Energy battery-powered tags with a battery-life ranging from months to up to five years. If the tag battery dies, it is easily replaceable. Alternately, the full tag can also be changed.

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