Accessibility tools

Internet of Things is yet quite abstract. When CGI hosted Ratkaisu17 seminar at Finlandiatalo, Helsinki, we wanted to demonstrate together with CGI and Salesforce a practical IoT use case.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker helped visitors locate CGI hosts on a venue floorplan, in real time. Data was streamed to Salesforce IoT Cloud where location information was merged and analysed. Map and data was presented on a big screen. A visually compelling example how data flows from sensors to cloud where data is mashed. Smart Tracker uses bluetooth low energy beacons to locate assets while mobile phones serve as basestations. A venue setup takes only an hour thus indoor positioning can be made very cost efficiently with the solution.

Beacons can be easily equipped with additional sensors. Let’s take a field service use case. Maintenance staff enters a maintenance room/target/location equipped with a beacon. Staff see temperature and humidity on their mobile phone and transfer the data to cloud automatically. Information is passed on to customer ERP system through cloud interface. The field service person and customer is sent a confirmation notification to their mobile. Everything automatically, remotely.

See also CGI’s blog about the use case (in Finnish)

Innovative Smart Tracker utilises existing infra, staff mobile phones, and affordable bluetooth beacons to avoid basestation installations. The solution can be used indoors or outdoors for e.g. asset tracking, workforce, visitor safety and intelligent office needs. Smart Tracker is based on Kaltiot Smart IoT cloud service connecting millions of devices, used e.g. by Microsoft.