Locating event hosts at an IT conference

Event attendee location tracking screen

When CGI, one of the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world, hosted Ratkaisu17, a significant international IT conference here in Finland, we wanted to use the opportunity to demonstrate how easy it was to set up a custom solution to a specific IoT use case. The event was held in Helsinki at Finlandia Hall, an event center of over 20,000 square meters designed by the famous architect Alvar Aalto.

Kaltiot worked with CGI and Salesforce to help visitors locate CGI hosts on a venue floorplan in real time. Data was streamed to Salesforce’s IoT Cloud, where location information was merged and analysed. A map with the host locations was available for conference guests on a large screen. Not only did this help attendees locate the event hosts, it also provided them with a concrete and creative example of IOT can be used in the real world.

The setup used Bluetooth low energy beacons at different locations around the venue, with the Kaltiot Smart Tracker app on mobile phones of the hosts who would be tracked. As long as the hosts were at the venue, their location would show on the map. Once they left the venue, the tracking would no longer report any data.

A venue setup like this takes only an hour to set up on the back end. This means indoor positioning can be set up very cost efficiently for a limited time, such as at a seminar, conference or other large event. Read more about our location tracking services.

Beacons can be easily equipped with additional sensors, such as temperature and humidity to enable a wide variety of use cases. Let’s take a field service use case. Maintenance staff enters a maintenance room, target, or location that is set up with a Smart Tracker beacon. Staff can see the room’s temperature and humidity on their mobile phone, and the real-time and historical data is also transferred to the cloud automatically. Information is passed on to customer ERP system through cloud interface. The field service person and customer is sent a confirmation notification to their mobile. Everything automatically, remotely.

See CGI’s blog about the use case (in Finnish): www.cgi.fi/blogi/miten-paikallistaa-tyokone-kentalla-tai-asiantuntija-ratkaisu17-tapahtumassa

Kaltiot Smart Tracker utilises existing infra, staff mobile phones, and a variety of affordable bluetooth beacons to suit different needs. The solution can be used indoors or outdoors for asset tracking, worker location tracking, visitor safety and environmental monitoring.

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