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High-rise construction is getting more common in Finland. Especially in the Helsinki metropolitan area where more and more high-rise buildings are being built, and 16-floor residential buildings are becoming part of everyday life. The tower houses in Kalasatama are already well over 100 meters tall. However, high-rise construction brings challenges and requirements for fire safety on a construction site. How could we easily take care of the fire safety in the high-rise construction? 

The importance of fire safety on the construction site 

Let’s start with why fire safety is a serious matter and why should it be taken seriously. In the construction site, the risk of a fire hazard is much higher than in a completed building. In high-rise construction, the importance of fire safety is to be emphasized. 

Why is it important to invest in fire safety on the construction site? 

  • A fire or an explosion quickly spreads wide on a construction site compared to a completed building.  
  • Automatic fire extinguishing systems are not yet in use on the site 
  • The number of people working in the building site is large 
  • The site is a demanding and surprising environment for rescuers 
  • Getting out of the tall building on fire is harder than usual 

In the event of a fire on a construction site, the safety of the workers is at risk.  The fire also causes major financial harm. 

Authority regulations on fire safety in high-rise construction

High-rise construction is regulated by a variety of laws and regulations. Practically, regulations for tall construction take effect when the building reaches 12 floors and the outer linings are closed.

The authorities require that the fire safety plans in high-rise construction are taken care of. According to the law, a rescue plan must be made for any target that is more demanding than usual in terms of escape and rescue safety, or where a possible accident could cause major damage to property or personal injury. The City of Helsinki has made instruction cards for tall construction. In these instructions, you can also find the instructions for fire safety.

In addition to these instruction cards, The Rescue Department of Helsinki has made a fire safety guide for construction sites reaching over 12 blocks.

A fire safety risk analysis has to be prepared for the high-rise construction site. This should cover the design and implementation phases of structural fire safety.

The Government Decree on the safety of construction work states that the general contractor must have information on all people working on the site. This is important so all the workers can be evacuated in the event of an accident. If this amount is not known, people might not hear the alarms because of the protective headphones and someone might get trapped without anyone knowing. Workers should be alarmed of the fire effectively in the danger areas and to see who is affected by the alarm. In over 12 floor buildings, fire safety requires real-time information of people working in the building and on the different floors.

Kaltiot Smart Tracker’s personal tracking resolves fire safety challenges on the construction site

Together with Ramirent, Kaltio Technologies resolves fire safety-related challenges in high-rise construction. By locating people with Smart Tracker, you get an exact view of how many people are working on the site and where they are located. 

There is also a possibility to take environmental monitoring into use. Smart Tracker utilizes Bluetooth and already existing equipment. The locating solution consists of the following: 

  • Ble-tags attached to the helmets of the workers 
  • Scanners on each floor of the building 
  • Gateway on every third floor 
  • Scanner and gateway on social facilities/office space 
A photo of how Smart Tracker works on construction site.
With Smart Tracker’s personal tracking on a high-rise building construction site, the site remains fire-safe.

The construction site can check the location of people in the building and on the floors online, with their own phones or computers. Below is an example of what the reporting looks like.

Smart Tracker view of tall construction fire safety in the personal tracking device service.
With smart Tracker, you can follow workers’ locations on the tall construction site online.

In practical terms, KaltioT or Ramirent installs the system and replaces the scanner batteries 1-2 times during the construction site. The only responsibility of the site is to distribute ble-tags to employees and handle the power supply to the gateway, and return the scanners and gateways upon completing the site.

Smart Tracker is used by pioneers of tall construction in Finland

KaltiotT Smart Tracker is already used on multiple construction sites in the Helsinki metropolitan area. REDI in Helsinki Kalasatama is a pioneer in tall construction in Finland. We at Kaltiot helped to keep the equipment and appliances located, which saved working hours of employees. Read more of the Smart Tracker’s use in the building of REDI shopping center. 

Interested in using Smart Tracker on construction sites? Contact us here, we will be happy to help.